We are dealing with the wholesale business of Pharmaceutical products for many years in Surat areas having strong financial background of “A.B.C. Medical” Family. Our Team is always eager to serve our customers anytime. Our salesman &delivery boys covering our Territory Twice Daily. Our team is dedicated to services to our customer.

We Cater major medical retail outlet almost daily, at same time we also provide services to retailers in the remote areas of cities where some stockiest fail to provide service. We are in constant contact with retailers which results in faster development of our business. We have intimate contact with the entire customer i.e., Chemist, Doctors &Hospitals. We take special care in delivering Cold Chain products. i.e. vaccines. We have developed an excellent reputation in the market through our regularity, honesty and good service in the market, Quick and effective service is our motto. Our business operations are fully Modern, Computerized and we cater to the needs of the market on daily basis.

  • We are updating 2000 chemist as well as druggist about New Product, New skim regularly through SMS.
  • We have monthly gathering of our firm employee and have learning discussion.
  • We specially allot 2 persons for emergency supply.
  • We Provide Sales Data On line ( Website ) to Company Person on daily basis.


  • We have following infrastructural facilities to attain our business goals effectively.


  • Our business premises are located in middle of the market, where most of the similer whole sellers are located.
  • We have 1700 Sq.Ft floor space for counter sales and administration and 1300 Sq.Ft. floor space for storage of goods separately.
  • We have central Air Conditioning for the purpose of atmosphere control.


  • We have 40 persons, visiting 900 retail chemists in twice a day for booking and delivery simultaneously.
  • We have more than 1000 purchase billings everyday from our office counters.
  • We are a team of 10 family persons, engaged in daily business activities.


  • PravinRamani +91 98251 10471
  • Suresh Ramani +91 98258 61920
  • Amit Ramani +91 98259 44808
  • Jyanti Patel +91 98259 46385
  • VithhalRamani +91 99797 31356
  • GaurangRamani (M. Pharm, Ph.D) +91 97250 55246 COMMUNICATIONS
  • TELEPHONES : 2425070, 2425071, 2422758
  • TELE FAX : 2423020
  • E-MAIL : abcmedical2004@yahoo.co.in, Amitr955@gmail.com